Il profumo dei fiori di carta | Trailer
Scent of a flowers paper - a documentary by Emilio Corbari
(in development)

Larino, a small hamlet in southern Italy: every year, in May, everything stops for a 3 days celebration of Saint Pardo, the patron saint of the village. Impressive processions of carts pulled by oxen, richly decorated with colored paper flowers, wind through the streets. Each wagon corresponds to a family, often enlarged to friends and acquaintances, who have been preparing the carriage along the year. On the same days Montreal’s Larino emigrated people celebrate their patron saint: previuolsy with a procession of tractors and cars wagons, nowadays with less folklore as the second and third generations of emigrants keeps growing.

Through obseravtional approach the documentary follows two storylines: two comunities, the italian and the canadian ones, and their different ways of living the tradition and the sense of belonging, and two contrary environments, the rural and the urban one, told in opposite languages and diection choices.

The link is a question: how strong is our sense of community, our attachment to rooth and homeland?